Monday, August 13, 2012


We learn everyday. We cannot conclude that we know. We do not. One day, we may know it all. But while on earth, we do not.
Today, I learnt so much more about myself as some wise men talked about ego. In defining it, I learnt where my ego comes in and fills me with enough self praise to stop me from growing spiritually. Blurring my perception and making me fall. Make mistakes.

Oh so frustrating!

Realizations that lead to repentence. Realizations that cause us to make a new comittment to our life...the decision to grow and conquer our own ego..

The Rising

We will rise one day from this earth. As real as we are now. We will see it all..know it all and we will be very honest about it all. All reality will be revealed to us. We will reveal all reality and then each one of our actions and beliefs will be weighed. On the scale of truth. A fair judgement of all. Everyone. And,results will be given..and we will move on to our stations..where we shall be always..eternally.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Colors..

A variety...every where I look. The different faces. The different ways. The different words. The different colors.

This world says only one thing to me. It says every second: My Creator is amazing. beautiful I am. No..not yours..His.
We have come here and live here only for one reason and that is to understand the many colors of our nature. The colors that our minds project to show us the reality we live in. Color projectors. Yes..that is what our minds a Creator who is to be praised constantly..

What we believe form our perception and what we perceive we react to and every reaction projects images around us ...and colors combine..a reality is formed.

Know yourself..and you shall know your Creator..

Sunday, October 23, 2011

No End...

There is no end to life because there is no end to you. You will never stop existing. Let go of this illusion of an "end". There is no end.
You plan so much, find so much joy, sadness and anger living in this illusion of an "end".. and when you do experience what you call an end, you will find that it is not the end..but the beginning of a new experience , your existence being constant. With marks of today, you will enter tomorrow and the illusions you lived in today will cause humiliation for you tomorrow. So, let go of this illusion of an "end".. there is no end.
Yes, there was a beginning.. and a journey had begun. But, there shall be no end. And, how are we to know that there was even a beginning? Illusions have intoxicated memory and we assume.

There is change of dimension, higher awareness and revelations of the hidden, but .. there is no end.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Fool

Might is the promise and evil is the way and the fool walks on this path where he was led to by the Whisperer who seeks nothing but the destruction of the fool, yet making him believe that he has no greater friend.
The fool was given the option to choose between himself and the ONE that created him and his definition of "me" caused him to choose himself, not knowing that without the light from the ONE, he will not be able to see and so he will be pushed and thrown and will fall again and again reaching a point of depression and sorrow where he will submit to any one. And so the Whisperer held his hand and the Fool felt strength from an illusion he forced himself to call "reality".. the illusion of "I". He took the path the Whisperer pointed him to and began his journey of destruction. Of pain. Of eternal sorrow. And , until the end of his journey, the ONE kept on sending him messages and signs and friends to warn him of what waited at the end of this path but the FOOL walked on. Feeling strong and good. Trusting the Whisperer and disbelieving his friends... until.. the end came.
The Fool turned away and wanted to run, but he could not. There was no way back. He did not realize that as he had walked on the path, the road behind him vanished with every step he took and had he stopped before the end and repented, a way would have been created for him to return and take a better path. But no, not at the end of this path. No...

Be not a fool by thinking of "I", "ME".. be wise and focus on the ONE..... NOW..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Submission and Power

Who shall submit then?

To God...

The one that seeks nothing from others and so has no complain nor desire from others. And in this state, reveals no ego and no defense and offends not. The one that honors God's creation and begins life with " I do not know". 
The one that fears not a tyrant and his tyranny and the one that suppresses not the weak and the poor. The one that honors the truth even if spoken against their ego and prestige. The one that honors bravery and courage. The one that has no word to define themselves. 

A person that gives credit to the creator for their own creations and success and takes responsibility of all the misfortune that came upon them. They have submitted.
And in submission, they have got a power. A power from the heavens. A power that has raised them in rank and given them a station they themselves cannot realize nor comprehend for they are too busy in the admiration of the creator of all this..

Friday, March 04, 2011


If only the heart could one day realize and understand that all of what IS comes from the ONE. And, all is what was and shall be is also from the ONE. When this becomes the reality of a mind, then the mind shall seek to connect ONLY with the ONE. And, in accomplishing this connection, find it's balance and peace. Because, then it will not be occupied with so many idols. Some it hates, and some it is forced to worship because of absence of the presence or reality of the ONE.
The source is ONE. The Direction is to the ONE. The judge is ONE and the cause is ONE. ALL is from ONE.. and ALL belongs to the ONE.. so why chase anything or anyone BUT the ONE?


The tragedy and stupidity of the human mind is that it seeks complication. It seeks networks and connections and circuits. It cannot simply connect to ONE source and rest there. It wanders and it makes mistakes. Mistakes in thought, in belief and in judgment. Though it is designed to focus on ONE, it CHOOSES to focus on MANY - and so the despair and sadness and above all - ignorance. Because in wandering, the mind loses peace. In losing peace, it gets tired. And, in being tired, it forgets it's own potential. Ending up in an eternity of humility and sorrow...

The higher the intelligence, the simpler the mind and the greatest mind shall only look at the ONE for everything... for real wisdom is not the creation or achievement of the human mind. Real wisdom is external.. it is from the ONE.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Perversion & Despair

A desire is beautiful and innocent. A desire is the urge of the being to be in a condition it finds much peace in. A longing and a need. A need to be fulfilled and seek completion. To find a station for the wandering soul. We move to fulfill our desires, longings and needs. We move in different directions. Each one his own. And, that is individuality.
The path we take is what decides our success and failure and if we take the path of failure, we remain unfulfilled. In being so, and in such frustration, despair and eventually , anger, we force ourselves to find pleasure of success through any means..
And.. this is when the innocent desire and longing is abused and tortured to the extent of becoming a perversion. An act which violates us and those around us. An evil. Broken hearts, too weak to try a new path. Unwilling to forgive themselves. Forcing themselves into a life of constant perversion resulting in misery. And habits that eventually lead to complete destruction and a shameful entry into the realm of eternal existence. Either forgiven and granted a pardon to finally find bliss or subjected to the eternal misery  and torment of paying for the damage their perversion had caused in a this life...

Do not give up your goodness even if your dreams remain unfulfilled.. be Patient and the Universe will work to give you better than those dreams..You are not out of chances until you live..

Monday, October 25, 2010

I am Quiet..

I am silent.. I have no words to utter.. nor sentences to make.. nor the task of organizing my thoughts and expressing them in anyway except through my eyes..
I see creation.. I see all that exists and is displayed around me. The rivers, the mountains , the animals and humans that roam the earth. I look above and I see the beautiful stars, the moon and the sun. I see creatures and creations..Yet, I see them not.
For I see the creator. In every drop of rain. In every breeze and at all times. In me, around me. I am speechless. I am thrilled. I am wondering. I am curious. I am quiet.

I am quiet because words will never express my admiration for all of this. Words will never express fully my excitement to see the acts and creations of The Creator. Words will never express my intense effort to even try and imagine His beauty and greatness.
What can I say? I can only remain... Quiet...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dieing World....

We read history.. We read stories. We know the outcome of a decision , and we know the result of actions. History has taught us. Man did this, Man suffered this.
We grow in technology and in science. We feel we are wiser and far ahead of those that lived before us. We feel that we have more channels of communication and dialog now..

We do it ALL again. We do everything our forefathers did and suffered. For some reason, we decide that the laws of the universe will change for us. " I know this is wrong, but I Have to do it.."..
History repeats itself.. in our lives, in our homes, in our families and in our lands. The same killing, the same exploitation of the weak. The same prostitution and slavery and the same violation of rights. It is never ending. It repeats itself every generation. The same abuse of children.
Of course, even more than before. Populations increase.. so do crimes against humanity by humans. Forgetting the result. The reprimand. The pain of deprivation that shall follow.
History keeps repeating itself. And we, the modern humans, so refined and educated.. shall do nothing about it. And, all that is ever required is to avoid what was done in the past so that the same hell does not break lose on us again.. YET.. we do it.

God, are we the greatest, most smartest creation of yours? I question that when I see myself, and when I see my fellow human beings... Guide us.. help us .. to LEARN!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Become and Be..

I have tried to explain each moment , each phenomena and each experience. I have sought definition and explanations. I have looked deeper and deeper. I have chosen not to react , but to observe. To keep my silence until I KNOW.
How do you know that you know? You do when whatever was being defined either loses all of it's value or becomes so valuable that you cherish it forever. When it loses it's mystery and reveals it's beauty or ugliness. When it either causes nothing in you or causes you to smile.
Imagine being totally unaffected by all of life. Living days and nights without bother. Without reacting. Without pain or joy. Just flowing through the temporary journey of life , heading towards infinity. When fear seems something of the past and each one so amusing. When losses are no longer losses nor are they gains. They are just experiences. Well defined and explained and relayed for the benefit of the ones in despair. When you are neither lonely nor are you surrounded. It is the station of discovery and silent joy. The place where your real journey begins. What others call Power.
Because in being so, you shall unleash your spirit. You will have conquered every single influence. Every minute the thought that hits you, the notions that flirt with your sensibility and the experiences that head towards you - all come to leave and make way for newer ones to come. And when all of these energies find no reaction..they stop and submit to the entity which is you. Here is when you rise above it all. And, this is what is to BECOME and BE.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I fail you..but I try not to.

I have failed you many times , I fail you today and I will always fail you. I am human. I know that my faults are many and my laziness often. I know I have no excuse. I admit to my failure. I am humbled by your compassion and my ignorance. I stumble and I fall. I walk into darkness often. I am human. Full of mistakes and emotions that fool me.
I try. I try not to fail you. I try not to fall. I try very hard. I try and I get frustrated trying. I try so much. I try and I fall and I cry. I call upon you and I seek pardon. I get up and I try.

Shall you then judge me for the fault or reward me for the effort? I am lost in this question and it only adds to my concern.

O God of Mercy and Compassion.. Forgive me that I fail you often.. but I try not to.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pity and Compassion

Deprived  of what we feel is important in life, but maybe not to themselves. Maybe they do not consider themselves to be deprived of anything at all.
Pity, can never be positive. Compassion is what can be positive. Pity is to look at someones condition and just keep looking at it and reacting to it without doing anything about it. Compassion is to fix what went wrong to cause a situation that gets pity. Because to pity someone is to completely accept that they are in something that they can never get out of. And that is another way of nurturing an ego that can destroy us. For who are WE to decide what someone can get into and get out of? It is only for GOD to pity. We can only feel compassion . Compassion which is the property of the Creator. A property he CHOSE to give to humans also, though at its lowest level. Only God can have pity, because He knows for sure what humans can get into and get out of or remain in.
Compassion is what humbles us and helps us to grow and enable those around us to grow.  Pity is what leads to looking down on someone and thinking highly of oneself  which eventually destroys the heart. So stop pitying yourself and others and  bring out the compassion in your heart for all of life.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Innocence is the absence of knowledge that can create chaos in the mind and make one do things that will hurt them emotionally , mentally and spiritually. We never lose it. We hide it. We hide it because the cruel world will never let it exist on it's own. You have not lost your innocence. It is there , in you. You have covered it with a number of actions , words and appearances that are designed to the show the world that you are NOT innocent. That you cannot be taken for a ride. That you are not .. weak.
The world teaches us that innocence is weakness. We have to grow to be cunning and smart. We must know evil as much as we know good. And we have to balance our actions between these two. We have been fed with many concepts and from these we have developed perceptions and beliefs on which our actions and decisions are based. These actions and decisions then have an affect on us. Maybe that of guilt, disappointments, joy, or humiliation. And in this drama gets lost the stable, beautiful and wonderful innocence. Add to this the passage of time.. and walls become stronger and stronger. Walls of that room in the heart where poor innocence gets locked up as we grow. When you lose all your dreams, your fantasies and your communication with the unseen. What the world calls silly, but you love. Yes, Do not give up on your silly dreams and visions.

Remove all that the world has forced you to believe. Remove it all. Empty your chaotic mind. Your sins did not take away your innocence, your reactions of fake self concepts and guilt to those sins hid the innocence. You gave up and you lost hope. You have taken on burdens which are not yours to take.
Remove the burden of your sins from your heart through repentance. Forgive yourself. And most of all , remove the appearance you put up in front of the world because you fear ridicule.  Remove worry, remove the concern and be yourself. Stop this fear from killing your innocence..
Empower your innocence with Faith. You will lose nothing...

Peaceful Mind

No more arguments in the mind, no more debates. No more concern and no more the stress. To exist in peace and calm makes way for the mind to finally see and learn. It causes the soul to rise from the depths of illusions. A peaceful mind defines correctly. A peaceful mind does not react so much. A peaceful mind reflects. A peaceful mind realizes and then takes off on a flight into the infinite universe and all of creation, watching all that exists.. seen and unseen.


A mind that can finally decide on structures and processes because that is what it was created for. To reflect the desire of it's creator. Finally, the mind , in finding it's peace, has found its real purpose...

Friday, July 16, 2010


Youth is the curiosity that remains unsatisfied. It is the longing that drives the mind and body to seek realities one suspects but knows are not revealed yet. Youth is that wish of a life yet to come.
Weakness and being old is defining all of life and concluding due to the laziness of the mind and intensity of the ego, resulting in frustrations that decay the very existence of man , snatching his youth from him and burdening him with aging.
Youth is the condition which you do not maintain, it remains with you until you remain true to the soul and in search. Because, to decide that you have now understood it all is resigning from life; and when the heart makes this decision, it ends its time here. Whether the soul leaves the body or not, it goes into hiding and the glow of youth disappears from the face..
Youth is not subjected to the number of years spent, it can remain for a thousand years with the body whose soul does not leave it for a thousand years.. and it can also leave someone in just a few years of life..
So, do not think that subjecting the body to painful acts and treatments will be able to convince youth to stay with you. Understand your condition and realize that even ten thousand years on earth does not complete you. Understand and SEEK.. always....

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Another Life..

Slowly changing is life and so slow that the mind cannot notice..
But, memory tells the story of change when asked to wake up and tell its tales of the past. We have not changed, but life has changed. And it is changing and we only realize this once all the changes have happened. When babies have grown , and when a new ray of light comes and caresses the earth revolving. When suddenly we look at all that is around us.. and for a moment go back in time .. and go through every event of life and to a time when days were long and weeks were longer - when "next year" was so far away..
We realize that it all went and something else has come and we went through it.. we spent all those moments and they seem so short now..

Surely, this life is not the only life. Surely, this life cannot be all of life... for we need an eternity to express our hearts and define our souls....we need more than a lifetime.. we need another life.. and another... and another...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

We Forbid..

We have forbidden a lot on ourselves. And, we have been forbidden to do a lot too. When we are forbidden by God, we may not understand why and we may start to understand why at some point, but we will definitely realize the benefit of us being forbidden from it.
But, when we ourselves forbid something - then we are relying on unstable intelligence with no definite conclusion or definition of anything. Our knowledge database constantly changes and newer things are revealed to us each day or in time and so our definition of the same things changes too. So, what we may think to be harmful today may prove to be beneficial tomorrow and what we may think to be beneficial today may prove to be lethal. Thus, we cannot forbid neither should we venture into this territory of basing our "forbidden" and "allowed" on our own perceptions and views. Just stick to what was forbidden and what was not - rely on intelligence beyond us, God's word. It is up to you to decide what IS God's word, and what is not. But, do be careful in this. Because in all forbidden and allowed , the loss and gain is ONLY your own.
The human being has not reached perfection yet.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Night of Reflection

The whole day we run from one task to another. We say many things, do many things. We meet many people and avoid some. We get stressed and sometimes angry. We convince and get convinced. The whole day is spent dealing with people and family issues. Things to buy and things to fix.
And then comes the night when all relax. The exhausted body finds rest finally. The exhausted mind... Reflects.
The mind goes through every event and reflects. It analyzes and reacts and decides. The mind grows every night, if we let it...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Pretender

I saw you today, smiling and being powerful. Many around you believed you were. But I could see fear and despair in your eyes. I could hear the slight tone of fear in your declarations of power and "I". People saw a man of strength and I saw a weak man seeking help. I could see through the pretending.
And in seeing this, the reality, your reality - I felt compassion for you and I prayed for you.
Real power is in being humble and attributing all power to God and not to oneself.
Remember that my friend.


The illusion of superiority.
What achievement could possibly make one decide their greatness and superiority over another human being? Greatness is overcoming the "self". The one that has achieved that does not feel superior to anyone but all of mankind puts them in a place superior to others. Respect is not demanded, it is given to someone by all of mankind, directed by God.
Worldly achievements are as temporary as the life in this world. So, why feel superior to another because of them?
The one that discriminates, lives in this absurd illusion and eventually causes pain to many and mostly to themselves. A pain that will find no relief should life pass by and they do not overcome it.
Do not Discriminate.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Desire Has No Mercy..

Oh Desire!

Have you no mercy on my soul? You torment it with your insisting and debating and pushing .. You make it cry. Oh Desire, you are weak for you fall for temptation and corrupt yourself. You persist and insist to be fulfilled... Should my soul then comply? You see not what the soul sees. And you cannot begin to care for what was before you and what shall be after you. You grow and grow and never fade away to leave the soul in peace.

Desire, you are not of the soul. You are not of the heavens. My soul has whispered this to me. It has told me all about you. You are the enemy of completion. You are what stops the journey of the soul....

I shall tame you and leave you thirsty and fulfill you sometimes so that you no longer torment this soul. I shall make you one with the soul...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I find you wandering...

I find you wandering in the desert of your mind looking for an oasis. Seeking that drop of water that would make the desert a garden of beauty. I see you looking and I see that you are tired. In you search you forgot to look somewhere.. in the well of wisdom - your heart. Look there, you will find your beloved ready to make your mind a place of peace and security...